Visiting Japan and Traveling in Japan with JR Rail Pass-


Japan is one of the most beautiful places on earth and it cannot be compared to any other place, especially its cherry blossom seasons during the spring and autumn. Today in this brief guide, we will look at the one-week trip to Japan that people take and what all they should do within that span of one week. So, dear folks, on a 1-week trip to Japan, you can easily visit the two major cities, like Tokyo and Kyoto, or one city and explore the entire surrounding area of that one city. You can easily spend some of your time or days walking around in Tokyo or Kyoto till you get used to the culture. You can figure it out or you can visit Kyoto as there are a plethora of temples, shrines and palaces there.

Travel on the Shinkansen-

Besides that, you can also check out Japan tours blog here and broaden your horizons on the subject. Furthermore, if you are travelling a long distance, you will need some time to adjust to the different time zones and understand them. With a few days, like 3 days, you can expand the area that you are exploring and also enjoy some of the best tourist attractions or travel to some other city with the help of Shinkansen. It will be a memorable experience for you, and you will gain knowledge and broaden your horizons about the country and others. You will also get used to the environment and love your Japan trip and feel more relaxed.

Take the JR Rail Pass-

If you are spending one entire week in Japan and travelling to two or other big cities, then it is suggested that you get the rail pass, also known as the JR rail pass. Through this pass, you can save your money on public commutes. For some people, a week’s trip can be the best option, but it will not always permit you to take in or enjoy the full country and everything that is offered. If you spend your entire week just exploring, then much of your time will be wasted on traveling. You can also visit the main destinations within a week, like Osaka and Tokyo, but again it’s like rushing. If you want a slow and more relaxed trip, then with that you can explore many places and other tourist spots that are hidden. Besides that, another week could be a good option for you.

Mount Fuji & Other Areas to Explore –

Some of the pros for a 1-week trip are that you can explore the highlights of Japan, save money with the help of a JR pass, and some of the cons for a 1-week trip are that it will need a lot of good planning and time limit, there will be no time for rest, and you will feel hasty. Your best itinerary in Japan is that for one week you combine your visit to Tokyo with another city like that of Kyoto. You can choose a nearby area and explore it. You can check out the scary Fuji Mount or visit the beautiful shrines of Nikko. With the trains, you can travel comfortably through the JR pass and save money. The Shinkansen is also there, through which you can visit the major stations in Tokyo. Kamakura, Yokohama, Mount Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi, and Nikko are some of the short-distance travel destinations from Tokyo.