The core equipment of the versatile aerobic composting machine is referred to as a compost windrow turner which can also be called a compost turner. It mainly applies to the fermentation system of organic fertilizer. It serves as a replacement or better put an advancement of the manual work or fork-lift truck to turn materials and has become the mainstream equipment that has influenced the development trend that exists within the composting industry. The compost windrow turner is such a great and powerful tool in the composting industry. Such a reliable machine with different functions such as;

  1. The mixing function: The compost windrow turner works as a mixer in the process of making compost as it has to add some auxiliary materials to adjust the raw material’s water content, ph, carbon-nitrogen ratio, and other elements present. It mixes the raw materials and every other accessory that requires to be evenly mixed until it comes out in an applicable standard.
  2. Adjustment of Temperature of Piled Raw Materials: There is an operation that helps to regulate the heat with the compost windrow turner as the raw material aggregates are fully contacted and mixed with air. The materials pile converse mass fresh air, which also contributes to producing the heat needed during the fermentation of active aerobic micro-organisms. The temperature can switch alternately which forms the medium temperature low, temperature medium, and temperature high cycles. This makes a lot of beneficial microbial floras grow and breed at their various adaptive temperature period.
  3. Improves the access to stockpile: The system can help break the raw materials into small masses and this helps the thick and dense raw materials pile to become highly resilient,  fluffy, and form the appropriate porosity.
  4. Adjust the moisture content of the stockpile: The compost windrow turner can help give the mandatory water vapor that is evaporated by turning the raw materials over and over again. As in the fermentation process, the biochemical reaction will give the new moisture.
  5. It achieves the needs of the composting process: Compost windrow turner helps to achieve the special requirements of the composting process such as crushing the raw materials into small particles, giving the stockpile a definite shape, and also making the quantitative displacement of the raw materials happen at once. It gives an immense contribution to organic fertilizer production, and it is always at the forefront in the development of compost making in the compost making industry that is how important and reliable this tool is in this industry.