Small appliances for holiday cooking and hosting

What appliances make Christmas entertaining easier? Any kitchen items for holiday gatherings that simplify hosting might be a terrific addition to your kitchen. Not every household appliance must be expensive. Some of the best large-gathering gadgets are little. In this post, the professionals at Appliances Connection discuss minor appliances that can improve your hosting experience. You can easily get them from any major appliance store.


An electronic mixer, whether hand-held, stand-mounted, or professional-grade, saves time and energy over the holidays. Hand-mixing dough, cake, or cookie batter takes a lot of upper arm strength, and no matter how expertly you do it, there are always clumps of flour or sugar in the basin. Electronic mixers are faster and more thorough. With a stand mixer, you can multitask in the kitchen. KitchenAid’s commercial-grade countertop mixer sticks out, and not just because it’s red. With its 8 qt. capacity and 1.3 HP motor, it can cook for large gatherings.

Air Fryer

The more holiday guests you have, the more likely someone will be on a particular diet. Many of these diets limit oil and fat. Air fryers provide healthier appetizers with fewer calories. Air fryers free up your oven so you can cook the main meal. We like Aria’s air fryer. Touch screen controls and a wide window make it easy to use. It has a rotisserie with AriaFlow technology for even cooking.

Toaster Oven

A toaster oven is a must-have for holiday entertaining, whether you want to reheat leftovers or heat up smaller dishes. In recent times, toaster ovens have precise controls and small footprints. Panasonic’s FlashXPressTM toaster is great. It boasts double infrared heating (no need to preheat) and six auto cook menus. It bakes 9-inch pizzas!

Food Processor

Food processors are very flexible. Food processors can purée, chop, shred, and knead dough.

Cuisinart’s 14-cup food processor can perform all of the above. It has a slicing disc, a shredding disc, and a chopping and mixing blade.

Rice Cooker

A rice cooker is a speedier, more effective way to make rice for holiday celebrations. The non-stick surface and auto-off features of most current rice cookers provide cooking versatility. No burning or sticking rice! Many rice cookers may also be used to steam meats, veggies, and other items. Brentwood’s 400-W rice cooker is easy to use. It has one-touch operation and can steam food, heat soups, and cook rice.

Pressure Cooker

When cooking at high elevations, chefs swear by pressure cookers. A pressure cooker preserves nutrients, saves energy and time, and reduces cooking time. Pressure cookers can generate one-pot meals, which saves time on cleanup. Pressure cookers tenderize and preserve tough meat slices. Presto’s 8-qt. stainless steel pressure cooker can cook main dishes for large holiday gatherings. Tri-clad base fits smooth-top, electric, and gas ranges.

Coffee Maker

Coffee after huge meals helps guests’ palates and extends the celebration. A high-end coffee maker can speed up this process and add speciality drinks like espresso and cappuccino. Guests that stay overnight may need coffee in the morning. Miele’s MilkPerfection is a favorite. It dispenses eight cups of coffee in seconds, making it excellent for party hosts. With WiFiConnect and automatic cleaning and descaling, it’s a low-maintenance appliance.


Don’t overlook frozen delights over the winter holidays. An ice cream machine is a terrific method to involve youngsters in dessert-making. With so many ice cream recipes, your family may get creative with tastes. This powerful Cuisinart ice cream maker is flexible. The double-insulated freezer bowl can make 2 qts. of ice cream in 25 minutes.

Food Disposal

A food disposer is one of the best kitchen expenditures you can make after huge dinners. With one of these, you can scrape food leftovers right into the sink without clogging the drain. We enjoy InSinkErator’s Standard Series food disposer. Its galvanized steel design and quick-mounting method make it strong and durable.