Simple strategies for calming children down when they’re stressed 

Seeing your child stressed can cause the same levels of stress for you as a parent. No one likes to see their little ones in turmoil. The good news is that there are plenty of things that you can do to help them calm down and reduce their stress. 

Below you’ll find some simple methods that you can use to calm your children down. 

Listen to them 

When your child is stressed they will do their best to tell you what’s going on – but it might not always be clear. Try to listen, understand the cause, and respond as empathetically as you can. 

3 deep breaths

Asking your child to take three deep breaths can help them calm down quickly and collect themselves. This technique is so effective, it actually helps adults too! 

Remove them from the situation 

If there is a particular environment or situation that stresses your child out, simply removing them from it can help. If needed, you can speak to them in a more relaxing environment and return to where you were previously. 

Break it down 

Big problems make everyone stressed – including children. Breaking this problem down into smaller chunks can make it easier to figure out and overcome. This is a good habit to instil in your child from a young age. 

Let them relax 

Another simple thing that you can do is let your child do something to relax like sitting quietly somewhere, reading a book, or watching some of their favourite free kid’s cartoons

Have them write down their feelings

Taking a brain dump on a piece of paper can help to declutter your mind and relax when under stress. This will help your children to unload their feelings and possibly process some of them as they do so. 

Sing or listen to music 

Music is fun and relaxing, which is why listening to music or singing is a great way to help our children chill out. 

Go outside 

Fresh air and the outdoors are very effective at calming people down and helping them to relax. 


Lastly, whether it’s getting up and moving or having a stretch, exercise is very effective for calming children down.

Final Thoughts

Next time your child is stressed, you’ll be better equipped to help them calm down!