NMB Solar Pack: Everything You Should Know

The NMB Solar Packalso known as the Afro Pack, is footwear that belongs to the Adidas Hu NMD and Pharrell Williams, “THE SOLAR PACK.” The footwear rocked the internet after the official product pictures hit the web. People were desperate to purchase footwear, mainly because of its stylish yet unique appearance.

The footwear is pretty similar to other footwears from Adidas and Skateboard P. This particular footwear features the “M1L3L3” and “3MPOW3R“, paired with colorful tribal patterns covering the uppers on top of the Boost sole. The footwear also comes in bright blue and light shades, allowing people to purchase the one they like.

NMB Solar Pack: Things to Know

The Adidas Original NMD Hu Solar Pack x Pharrell Williams was released on August 18th, 2018, for $250. The footwear was available at the same price across various Adidas retailers across the globe and also online at the official Adidas site.

The footwear is extremely comfortable, and it’s made out of high-quality materials. Wearing the shoe will not cause any irritation or discomfort to the foot.

Moreover, because of the footwear’s bright shades, the shoe will go with all types of clothing without any hassle or issue. It will also enhance your look and make you stand out among the crowd during social events, gatherings, parties, and other things.

Furthermore, you can also wear them to conduct various sports-related activities, such as running, playing basketball, and many more.

Why do NMD Solar Packs Make a Better Choice?

When it comes to NMD Solar Pack sneakers, there are some important reasons which make the footwear a much better choice than the rest. These are:

  1. It Comes with Innovative Concepts

The cool thing about these NMB sneakers is that they come with an innovative design inspired by tribal patterns and designs. The actual footwear comes in red, white, and black shades, which makes it stand out among the others.

The shoe contains:

  • Tribal detailing.
  • White-colored Primeknit uppers.
  • Smooth inner sole.
  • Hard sole on the outside.

The footwear will match all types of clothing, and you can easily run, walk, jump and even walk hills while wearing them.

  1. They are World-Class Shoes

Quality and innovation are something that goes in different direction. But when it comes to NMD Solar Pack, one needs to make more sense compared to others. Wearing these shoes will surely help you perform the best, and you will know their true quality.

You will certainly be satisfied with the footwear as it’s made of materials that will make the shoe last for a long time. You can also wear them not just for sports activities but also during formal and social events or occasions.

  1. It’s For Everyone

The NMD Solar Pack’s actual objective is to offer much more flexibility than the other shoes. Footwear is not just ideal for professional athletes but also for normal individuals who are looking for something stylish to wear. The collaboration between Adidas NMD and Pharrell Williams gave birth to an innovative product, which might not be possible by other brands. The color combination, features, and comfort make this footwear stand out among the others.

The Takeaway

The NMD Solar Pack sneakers have become a hot topic since they were released in 2018. Footwear is still buzzing in the sneaker industry, as many well-known athletes are seen wearing them during matches or public events. If you’re interested in getting a pair of these beautiful shoes, find a good and licensed shop online.