Web design mistakes small businesses make 

Small businesses don’t have the same resources that larger companies do. This can often force them to cut corners, like not getting the help of a professional or an Dundee SEO agency to build their website. Many of them opt to build their own website which can lead to a number of accidental but unfortunate mistakes. 

Here, you’ll find the most common web design mistakes that you should look to avoid! 

1. The website is too complicated

If your website is too cluttered or busy, you’ll get a very high abandonment rate. This will be partly because people simply won’t like what they see, partly because they’ll get lost in the mess, and partly because your website will be slow – which will harm your SEO ranking too. Basically, the goal is to ensure that everything on your website needs to add value, not just take up space. 

2. The website is too simple

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have those that make websites that look unfinished or simply don’t have much going on at all. Having a sleek website is important, but you don’t people leaving your webpage with more questions than when they arrived. 

3. They don’t get an SSL certification

If your website seems dodgy, people will leave it quickly. A quick way to fix this is by getting your SSL certification. This changes your website from HTTP to HTTPS and gives it that neat little padlock icon in the search bar. Both of these things point to your website being safe. 

4. Too many pop-ups

The odd pop-up can be helpful, it can even be a great way to generate leads and increase sales. Too many pop-ups however will drive your web visitors away. If you must use them, make them worthwhile. 

5. Poor readability

Bright colours and whacky fonts might look cool, but if people can’t read your website, it’s basically useless. Avoid colours that clash or washout your copy and choose fonts that are easy to read. 

6. Not optimised for mobile

Today, more people shop and browse the internet on their phones than ever before. If your website doesn’t work on different devices, you’ll be missing out on a huge chunk of potential business. 

7. No calls to action

If you don’t tell your customers what to do, you can’t expect them to do it. Having a clear call to action will help you to get the results that you want and grow your business. 

Final Thoughts

Nailing your web design is important for every small business. Try to avoid these mistakes if you can.