The Benefits of Using Velcro Name Tapes in the Military

Velcro was invented by a Swiss engineer named George Mestral, who came up with the idea when he took a stroll through the woods and noticed that the cockleburs clinging to his trousers were also attached to the fabric.

In 1941, he began creating a nylon hook fastener that could be used to attach fabric and animal fur. 


One of the main benefits of using Velcro name tape in the military is its convenience. These patches can be easily removed from uniforms and quickly transferred to other garments for a quick change of clothing.

In the 1960s, NASA astronauts wore velcro fasteners to hold their pens, food, and other items on their space suits during zero-gravity flights. They also helped astronauts quickly get in and out of their space suits.

Today, airmen wearing the OCP Multicam uniform can sport a variety of insignia and patches to identify their unit. Officers wear rank insignia on their patrol caps, while enlisted airmen have a variety of velcro name tapes and service tapes. They’re also distinguished from soldiers and sailors by displaying their ranks in black.


Name tapes can be used on multiple garments, including pants, shirts, vests, and even helmets. It makes them an ideal option for any outfit.

A name tape that uses a Velcro brand hook fastener is one of the most secure ways to display your information. It is because it uses two sides of the material to attach itself – a rough, scratchy, and scuff-proof hook and a soft fuzzier loop part.

Using a Velcro name tape is also an excellent idea for any organization that wants to improve its morale by displaying critical information about its members. It is especially true if your company wants to hire or train new employees. Long-term savings will result since prospective employees are more likely to accept job offers if they have something to look forward to. It is also a smart choice for any military or law enforcement unit that must quickly identify its members in a low-light environment.


Velcro name tapes are ideal for uniforms, outerwear, and gear bags. They are made with a durable cotton or poly-cotton fabric backing that resists fading and shrinking. They are embroidered with high-density embroidery to avoid snags and last for years of hard use.

These name tapes come in various sizes, from extra small at 1 x 3 to extra large at 1.5 x 6. Regular name tapes have the material folded under and Velcro on the back, while merrowed name tapes have a thick merrowed edge and can be stitched out with designs.

Two linear strips, one with little hooks and the other with loops, make up the object. The strips grip the surface firmly when pressed together but allow easy release. This fastening system is less potent than sew-on patches but is enough to stay in place.


Embroidered name tapes are an easy way to personalize your uniform. The best part is that they’re inexpensive. You can find custom embroidered name tapes in many colors and patterns. Choose from various designs that include military emblems, rank and unit patches, and your name and title.

There are plenty of companies that offer embroidered name tapes, but not all of them are made equal. Some are merely resellers of pre-made name tapes. 

Velcro technology has been around since 1941 and was first developed by Swiss engineer George de Mestral. It consists of two strips of nylon fabric, one covered in tiny hooks and the other with little loops that can grip together firmly while allowing easy removal. In addition to their uses in the military, they are also found in the commercial world as an efficient means of mounting electronic devices.