Purchase BBQs2U Kamado Joe Classic II with Adventure Pack without any Second Thoughts

There is no doubt about the popularity of BBQs2U grills and ovens in the United Kingdom and beyond. They are one of the leading marketers of Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt, Napoleon and many other branded barbeque appliances. You can pick your choice of gas or charcoal fuel grill ranges from the array of barbeque cooking gadgets show cast at their marketing website. 

A customer can anytime pick smaller, medium or bigger size BBQs2U Kamado Joe grilling appliances and accessories. In short, while shopping at BBQs you won’t be short of choosing from a few variants of grills. 

Now, BBQs2U is offering various kinds of packs along with grills for enjoyable barbeque cooking. The latest product among the series of added benefits is the grill range, the Kamado Joe – Classic II – Adventurer Pack which is selling like hot cakes. The cooking appliance is packed with added advantages that lures every chef to prefer to cook barbeque meals to own it. 

The prime reason for the grill boosting sales is the BBQs2U dedication to providing ultimate barbeque cooking ranges that won’t fail in promoting tasty smoky grilled food. The other reason is the discount price tag with every grill. 

The appliances act as a handy cooking aid to serve delicious food during home parties, in camps and while enjoying starry nights near seacoasts. 

Now, why Kamado Joe Classic II along with the adventure pack is top listing: 

  • It is a combo pack containing Joe Tisserie Rotisserie, lump wood charcoal in larger quantity approximately 9kg, pizza stone, fire starters and more accessories that make it easier to utilise the grill. 
  • There are multiple lids like the dome and grill cover that aid in smooth air flow and maintain the even temperature of the grill. The lids even support keeping the food fresh to eat even after a couple of hours. 
  • The grill range has thicker walls to cook food evenly thus there are negligible chances of burning the meat or veggies. The smoke remains intact inside aiding to grill the food ingredients at a lower temperature. 
  • The grills can be pre-heated and food can be cooked fast by adjusting the air flow through the vents. 
  • The ceramic outer cover provides the classic appearance preferred by chefs to highlight their barbeque spread. 
  • The cast iron griddle aids in the fast cooking of some delicious cuisines using less fatty ingredients. The ribbed surface aids in grilling even by providing ultimate heat retention. 
  • All ages of folk love to taste crispy wings, fried chips and even fried fishes. The Joe Tisserie basket set in the Adventure pack proves to be quite useful to fry out yummy food within a few minutes. 
  • The Kamado Joe grate has quite sufficient surface to sear meat and veggies for at least six persons at a time. They are non-stick thick slabs venting heat evenly. Thus, the juices of the meat remain intact enhancing the grilled dish flavour. 

All that needs to be done is visit BBQs2U website and select the best grill such as Kamado Joe – Classic Joe BBQs with the added advantage of having Adventure pack as well.