Mevicon’s wide perspective yields benefits

Getting access to all the services your business needs to flourish is not a problem for Mevicon’s business clients that depend on order fulfillment providers to deliver their items to customers, especially in the fiercely competitive retail and e-commerce marketplaces.

The company casts a larger net of inclusion than other order fulfillment companies, which concentrate on particular sectors of the supply-chain. It employs an all-encompassing strategy to assist business clients in maximizing their advantage over rivals and utilizing its extensive service offering to cultivate clientele. Additionally, because our fulfillment company’s services are conveniently accessible to them, business clients save money.

Our order fulfillment services

Our order fulfillment services aim to assist businesses in streamlining their operations by providing the complete range of order fulfillment, business analytics, and inventory management. This strategy gives our business clients the chance to establish themselves as market leaders, as the company states on its website at Among the key services we provide to business clients are: 

  •  Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) 
  •  Overseas Order Fulfillment 
  •  Crowdfunding Fulfillment 
  •  Order Fulfillment for Startups 
  •  E-commerce Order Fulfillment 
  •  Retail Order Fulfillment

Regardless of size, the organization serves retail and e-commerce enterprises. The supplier offers full-service customisation, kitting, and business consulting. and handles requests for exchanges and refunds after that. The organization assures customers that if they require a service specific to their industry, it would stop at nothing to get the desired outcome. “We will ensure that it happens for you if it is feasible,” the organization declares.

We are not the same

Not every order fulfillment company provides the same array of services as Mevicon does for its corporate clientele. For instance, Fulfillify provides fulfillment services specifically for online retailers. It also offers kitting, custom order assemblies, fulfillment centers, and a returns management program, just like Mevicon.

Although it specializes in third-party logistics for e-commerce businesses that ship orders for direct-to-consumer goods, ShipBob provides some services that are comparable. Similar to Mevicon, ShipBob provides its e-commerce clients with customized products, analytics tools, warehouse automation, dispersed inventory, kitting, and returns management.

Customers may anticipate both domestic and international eCommerce order fulfillment from Rakuten Super Logistics, an eCommerce fulfillment service. In addition, it offers monitoring, kitting, returns management for online purchases, and inventory storage.

Mevicon offers its e-commerce customers an IT solutions system. Modern analytics, AI, and machine learning are used in the e-commerce system. This is just one additional tool to assist companies in making wise choices that advance objectives.

Businesses can work with the organization to handle order fulfillment demands if they are afraid of technology or don’t have the required workforce.


Furthermore, the Mevicon partnership program fills in all the service gaps that aren’t covered onsite until other fulfillment suppliers step in. The business collaborates with a number of service providers who provide extra services that it does not.

In addition, the business offers its newsletter to corporate clients who wish to read up on industry developments. The online newsletter shares announcements from the industry and keeps track of the most recent developments.