Low-Maintenance Plants for Outdoor Planters

There are times when your outdoor plants begin to appear like they need extra care. If you’re busy and have little time to care for your garden, reconsider your landscape scheme. You can begin to plant low-maintenance plants in wholesale outdoor planters today, allowing your plants to thrive with little care. The right plant can thrive in full sun and requires little water. Below are low-maintenance options you can explore for your outdoor planters.


If your location is extra hot, you should consider succulents. They’re great for people who have little time for their gardens. Whether you plant them in the ground or use wholesale outdoor planters, succulents will thrive in any weather condition. Most succulents can survive the full sun, and others require only a few hours of sun each day. If you have large wholesale outdoor planters, you should consider tall plants like Parry’s Agave or American Aloe.

You can also explore succulents like haworthia or Aloe or scilla. These succulents thrive in the bright summer sun and will also increase the beauty of your outdoor space. Another reason succulents are great is that they require less water than other outdoor plants. 

Ornamental Grass

Here is another excellent option if you’re looking for low-maintenance choices for your wholesale outdoor planters. You only need to cut back the grass once a year, and like succulents, they require very little water. If you plan to divide the plant into different pots, it’s even easier to maintain, and you can easily remove the wilting options without disturbing the other pots.


They’re great if you want low-maintenance plants to keep your outdoor space fresh. It is a brightly colored plant that’ll add color to your outdoors and provide energy when hosting special events. Most gardeners love topiaries because they provide charisma for your space.