Benefits of an Affordable Cremation and Burial

There are many benefits to choosing a low-cost cremation and burial. This is especially beneficial to save your family money and avoid unnecessary funeral expenses. Unlike traditional funeral services, cremation doesn’t require you to purchase items such as caskets, grave markers, or vaults. It’s also more environmentally friendly.


If you’re planning for the future, it’s essential to consider the cost of an affordable cremation and burial Brooklyn, NY. These conversations can save you and your loved ones hundreds or even thousands of dollars in funeral costs. Compared to burial, cremation is usually 45-50% cheaper. It also allows you to avoid the cost of a casket and headstone. However, the costs can still add up. Some services, such as embalming, may be necessary, which can run $500-$700. You also might need to purchase a casket or urn for your ashes. A simple urn can be purchased for around $50, while a niche in a columbarium can cost several hundred or more. A prepaid funeral plan is an excellent way to help you avoid the high cost of cremation and burial. Moreover, you might qualify for government benefits or Veterans’ programs to help cover some of your funeral expenses.


One of the benefits of an affordable cremation and burial is the flexibility it provides families. Unlike immediate body burial, which is time sensitive and requires a memorial service to be planned relatively short, direct cremation allows you more breathing room to design the memorial that best suits you and your loved one’s needs. You’ll also be able to customize your memorial with choices like a home funeral, scattering, or interment. This gives you and your family a chance to create a meaningful and memorable ceremony that celebrates your loved one’s life in a way that truly reflects their personality. Another option is donating your loved one’s body to science for research purposes. This is a great way to avoid many costs associated with a traditional funeral and is a massive help to medical and scientific progress.

Environmentally Friendly

Many people view their end-of-life wishes through a green lens, taking an environmental approach to funeral services. This trend has increased environmentally-friendly burial options, from green cemeteries to eco-friendly caskets and funeral ceremonies. Traditional burials and cremations are incredibly resource-intensive, using a tremendous amount of wood, concrete, embalming fluid, and more. All that waste results in colossal carbon dioxide emissions; even a single cremation can produce 250 pounds of CO2 equivalent. One of the best ways to make a cremation greener is to opt for direct cremation, which eliminates embalming. This reduces the toxins that can leach into the environment and protects funeral home workers by removing formaldehyde from the process. Another way to give back to the environment is to choose a biodegradable urn that will break down in soil or water. Some companies also create living reefs that use cremated remains as part of a coral reef, providing a habitat for marine life.


Personalized funeral services allow families to reflect on their loved one’s life and do a meaningful service that reflects the person they lost. Using their favorite artifacts, photos, and other mementos, we can create a ceremony as unique as the individual they are celebrating. Personalization is not just about honoring a person’s uniqueness and accomplishments, but it also allows family and friends to connect with the deceased long after they’ve been laid to rest. Sharing memories and celebrating their lives can help people heal and face their loss. While cremation is becoming increasingly popular as a disposition method, many families still hold onto the myth that once a loved one has been cremated, they won’t have a chance to own a memorial or service. The truth is cremation allows for many personalization options that can be used to create a memorable funeral and a monument as special as the honored person.